Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc.

Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc.

Since its establishment in 1997, Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc. has been a leading staffing agency focused on Japanese businesses in Canada.


Pan-Pacific offers its clients the best HR solutions at reduced costs and risks. At Pan-Pacific, we help our clients overcome language barriers, comply with complex HR legal requirements, and find ideal candidates who are assets to their companies.


Pan-Pacific is committed to improving the workplace by ensuring an ideal fit between the employer and employee, providing skilled professionals with new opportunities and helping clients build and grow their business.


Pan-Pacific’s clients include Canadian offices/branches of large Japanese trading companies, banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors, travel agencies, broadcasting companies and government agencies, IT companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies and engineering companies, as well as Canadian businesses dealing with Japan.


At the 2010 Olympics, Pan-Pacific employed over 150 temporary staff to support Japanese broadcasting companies, contributing to the success of the Olympics and strengthening ties between the local and Japanese communities.


Pan-Pacific also provides translation services in a variety of languages and fields, as well as various types of consultation and research services.

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