Privacy Policy

Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc. (“PPP” or “we” or “us”) abides by British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (SBC 2003 c. 63), as amended, and all other applicable privacy laws. PPP respects the privacy of individuals and is committed to safeguarding personal information. This Privacy Policy explains how PPP collects, uses, discloses and handles your personal information.

In order to access PPP’s services, you may be required to provide certain personal information about yourself, including, without limitation, the personal information described in paragraph 1 below. When you provide personal information to us, you are providing your consent to our collection, retention, use and disclosure of your personal information pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

We may at any time, and without notice, revise this Privacy Policy, by updating this posting. You should therefore periodically visit this webpage to review the current Privacy Policy. Your use or continued use of PPP’s website or its services constitutes your acceptance of such changes.

  1. What we collect and why

    We collect the personal information needed to carry out our business. This may include basic information about you such as your name, gender, address, telephone number, and email address, or more in-depth information about your immigration status, visa, previous and current employment and educational background. We may also need more sensitive personal information, such as your health status and criminal record, when this information is required for a specific position.

  2. How we collect personal information

    Typically, you will provide us with the information we need through your online registration or resume, or by email, telephone or interview.

    In some cases, we may need to verify the information you give us by contacting third parties or publicly available sources such as former employers, with your consent. By providing us with contact information for your former employers, you are consenting to us contacting your former employers for the purposes of verifying certain employment information with such former employers.

  3. Cookies and Pixel Tags

    We do not use cookies or pixel tags for collecting your information from our website.

  4. How we obtain your consent

    If you use our services and provide us with your personal information as set out herein, you have consented to the collection, retention, use and disclosure of your personal information as specified in this Privacy Policy.

  5. How we hold your personal information

    Your personal information will be held in our database so that we can process your job application and then access your personal information when need arises in the future (for example, to contact you when a suitable position becomes available). When your personal information is no longer needed for any purpose, or at your request, we will permanently delete it from our database.

    We take strict measures to safeguard your personal information to prevent any misuse, loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. We also take all reasonable steps to ensure that when we delete your personal information, it will be impossible to retrieve by any party, including us.

  6. How and to whom we use and/or disclose your personal information

    We may use your personal information for any of the following purposes:

    • To contact you about a job for which you are applying or searching;
    • To contact you about jobs for which you have not applied, if we feel that such jobs may be suitable for you, based on the information you have provided;
    • To respond to your requests, questions or comments;
    • To communicate information about our services, including news and events about us, provided you have consented
    • To better understand your qualifications, needs and preferences;
    • To verify your qualifications, background and work experience using the references you gave us or other organizations;
    • To find the best possible job for you;
    • To enable our clients to have a full understanding of your qualifications;
    • To provide payroll and other HR functions to you, for temporary placement;
    • To develop our business to better serve job seekers and clients; and

    For our legitimate business purposes, such as managing your account with us. We only collect as much personal information as we need to meet these objectives, unless a client requests more and you give us your consent.

    In no event will we trade, sell or otherwise dispose of your personal information, including your email address, to any third party. Furthermore, we will not share your personal information with any third party except for the purposes (or with the individuals) listed above, or when required by law or regulation (e.g. complying with a court order).

    In the normal course of our business, we will disclose your personal information to our clients if we think that you may be a fitting candidate for a position they have posted. As a job seeker, we consider you to be relying on us to share such personal information with your potential employer, or with our client when the opportunity arises for you to be placed as a temporary staff member. When we share your personal information with a potential employer or our client, we enter into a confidentiality agreement with them to ensure that your personal information is kept strictly confidential in accordance with the terms of such confidentiality agreement.

    We may also share your personal information with our affiliates and partners, service providers and contractors who carry out certain services and administrative work for or on our behalf. However, we limit disclosure of personal information to the minimum required for such parties to perform their duties.

    In these cases, they are required to keep your personal information strictly confidential and to follow our Privacy Policy. Examples of these companies with whom we may share your personal information include:

    • Organizations that provide background checks, including criminal record checks as required by Bookkeeping companies that carry out payroll services; and
    • Our affiliate temporary placement agency(ies) in an area where you or our client is located.
    • We may also disclose your personal information to the references you gave us to verify your work history and performance.
  7. How to access and correct your personal information

    We rely on the personal information you give us, as well as data from third parties such as your references, educational institutions and background check companies. In no event will we assume any liability for the accuracy and correctness of information provided to us by you or third parties.

    If you wish to access your personal information, you may make a written request to us at any time. In some cases we may charge a small administrative fee for this service.

    PPP strives to keep accurate records. We ask that you provide us with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible and to contact us immediately should changes occur.

    If, for whatever reason, you discover any error in your personal records with us, you may submit a written request to correct it. We will promptly make the necessary changes to your personal information.

  8. How to contact us

    If you have questions or request to make regarding this Privacy Policy or your personal information, please contact:

    Miyuki Ishizaki, PRIVACY OFFICER
    Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc.
    Suite 908, 938 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9 Canada
    Tel: 604-801-7407
    Fax: 604-676-2530

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