Name:M. Y.
Location:Lower Mainland, BC
Job Title:Office IT

When my previous job contract was close to the end in the fall of 2018, Pan-Pacific Personnel contacted me with the prospective employer, a Japanese company, who was interested in my background. I was a bit nervous because I had been away from a Japanese working environment for some time. Nonetheless, I was curious and started the screening process. Pan-Pacific has relayed the information between the employer and myself, and I was offered a contract position as a start. During the process, Pan-Pacific helped me with the interview and the detailed contract with the employer. After the contract period ended, I was offered a permanent full-time position. I successfully finished the probationary period and now I’m a full-time employee of the company. I have worked with mid-size to a larger recruiting agency in Canada and the U.S. before, but Pan-Pacific offers above and beyond support compared to other agencies. I am so grateful to Pan-Pacific, and wishing them the best in the future.

Name:K. S.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Office Administration

I was lucky enough to find my first full-time job in Vancouver by applying through a website. Although the work itself was rewarding, I couldn’t get used to the company culture even after three years. I’ve lost my motivation to continue with the same job, and have started to look for a new opportunity on Pan-Pacific’s website. I applied many office jobs but wasn’t selected to the final interviews by the employers. I became quite desperate, but the recruiters at Pan-Pacific encouraged me and assured me that they would do very best to find the most suitable job for me. Pan-Pacific kept their words and eventually, they referred me to the ideal job that suits me the best. I am currently working in an ideal office environment with a rewarding job. I’m impressed with the professionalism with Pan-Pacific Personnel, and I can’t thank you enough for their effort.

Name:S. S.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Specialist

Thanks for Pan-Pacific Personnel, I am enjoying my Canadian life with a fulfilling and rewarding job.
When I arrived in Vancouver three years ago, I was already at an age that would seem quite difficult to change my career. I tried to find a new job by myself, but it was not easy in my specialized field, let alone to be invited to an interview.

Meanwhile, I have learned about Pan-Pacific and registered online. Whenever there was a job that seemed to be relevant to my experience, Pan-Pacific contacted with the information. Even when I wasn’t successful with the interview etc, Pan-Pacific was always courteous and helpful with the screening process.

For a while, I didn’t have much luck, but finally, Pan-Pacific contacted me with a job that perfectly matched my experience and skills. They thoroughly supported me with the whole process starting the first interview to accepting the job offer. Now I have my dream job in Vancouver!

Even after joining my current company, Pan-Pacific regularly follows up how I am doing.
I am very happy with all aspects of my work including the compensation, the work environment, job description, and most of all it’s such rewarding work. I have been very patient until I found this work, however, I couldn’t have done it without the support from Pan-Pacific.

This is the success story in the new country. I thank you to Pan-Pacific for guiding me to the great opportunity.

Name:S. W.
Location:Burnaby, BC
Job Title:Bookkeeper/Export Clerk

Job hunting made me nervous as I had a three-year-interval between previous jobs and had just moved to B.C., even though I already had work experience both in Japan and Canada. I decided to register with Pan-Pacific Personnel while I kept searching for other jobs online.

Joining Pan-Pacific Personnel paid off because they called me for a phone interview and put me forward for a position that suited my experience and expectations. When I decided to apply for the position, I had to take online assessment tests which helped me identify what key criteria hiring companies were seeking for potential candidates. After taking the tests, I had an in-person interview with Pan-Pacific Personnel then another interview with the client. It took some time to get hired, however, Pan-Pacific Personnel provided detailed follow-up support during this uneasy period, so I could overcome my fear while waiting for the results.

My current job includes a variety of duties, therefore it is quite challenging. However, I am certain that I was placed in the right position according to my ability and experience. Pan-Pacific Personnel has constantly followed up with me after the position was offered. This after placement service was encouraging and gave me a sense of security and support.

Name:R. O.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Office Clerk

A friend of mine recommended me to register with Pan-Pacific Personnel as I had just started to look for job opportunities as my graduation was approaching. I had eight-years of study experience in Canada but not so much work experience.
Fortunately, Pan-Pacific Personnel offers a diverse range of job postings. After registration was completed, consultation was conducted to discuss my background and interests in career development.

Soon after the interview was done, I was offered a year contract as an Office Clerk. I did not have any work experience in the insurance sector so I was nervous at first. However, my nervousness faded when my colleagues welcomed me. Now I am thrilled to learn something new. Of course, there are many things that I need to learn. My managers are taking time to train me. This is different from my school years and I truly enjoy this new workplace.

I am still a newbie, however, I strive to perform better so that my managers will trust me to handle jobs on my own. I put in the maximum effort so I know the results will be good.
I truly appreciate Pan-Pacific for referring me to a job opening, consulting and providing periodic follow-ups. I will never forget all the kind words you have given to me.
Thank you very much.

Name:S. I.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Accounting

When I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel, they connected me with a company that suited my work experience and skills.
After a few attempts at different companies didn’t work out, Pan-Pacific Personnel kept trying to find other opportunities that were more suitable for my needs. Thanks to the staff’s efforts they soon found the best position that met my requirements.
After they successfully placed me I’m thankful the staff provided me with tips and methods to succeed in the interview with the company that hired me. I deeply appreciate how the staff keep in touch with me after my placement.

Name:F. K.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Trade Administration

I have been in my current position for three years now since I was placed by Miyuki. At work some days were tough due to my mistakes and I felt disappointed with myself. No one is perfect and probably I will make mistakes again. But no matter what, I am genuinely grateful for my relationships with work colleagues. I have found that not only in the office I work at, but also other branches and the head office, there is no difficult staff in the work place. Having a professional work environment and good colleagues is essential when it comes to work. I feel rewarded and thankful for being placed in a great company where I can advance my career.

Name:T. S.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Logistics Accounting Assistant

I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel in the summer of 2014. At the time, my job hunt wasn’t going smoothly and I was working short contract roles. I wanted to look for something long-term when I saw a job listing by Pan Pacific Personnel. Even though that particular job was already filled, they contacted me regardless and asked about what sort of job I was looking for. Soon after, I met with Ms. Ishizaki from Pan Pacific Personnel, who was extremely friendly and dialed in. Ms. Ishizaki was quick to contact me about interviews with potential employees, and shortly after, I was hired on a one-year maternity leave cover contract at a Japanese trading company. This was my first time working for a Japanese company and also the job I was hired for was something quite new to me. Regardless, after 2 consecutive interviews, I was lucky enough to be hired as a Logistics Accounting Assistant and was given an incredible opportunity to learn new skills on the job. This is simply because Ms. Ishizaki put my resume out for jobs not only in the area that I’ve worked in in the past, but also for jobs that were outside of my background. It was great to know that Ms. Ishizaki and the Pan Pacific team believed that my skills transfer to other areas and industries.

Pan Pacific Personnel has been hands on, friendly, and flexible. Thank you for your help and support.

Name:H. N.
Location:Richmond, BC
Job Title:Executive Assistant

I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel (PPP) in 2014. Back then I was just browsing for the job that is required of my strength of using both Japanese and English. During the Fall 2015, I was laid off from the company and the fear of survival and pressure was upon me. Coincidentally PPP had sent me an e-mail for an opportunity suitable to my resume. I’ve replied and attempted the interview with the introduced company through PPP. The first company was competitive and regretfully I was not able to get hired. However PPP did not give up on me. Right away they have introduced me to a new position opportunity which happens to be my dream job, Executive Assistant. Another attempt of the interview and references from PPP, I was able to receive the position that I wanted.

With help of PPP I was able to find a job in midst of getting laid off crisis and not only it was a job, but a job I’ve always wanted to have. Now the work is very exciting, inspiring and enjoyable. I thank you Pan-Pacific Personnel for not only referring me to the company but also believed in my ability that I will succeed!

Name:M. M.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Office Clerk

After I moved to Vancouver I settled on working in the service industry. However, in the back of my mind I was wishing to return to an office administration position. It has been two years since I was placed in my current position by Pan-Pacific Personnel. I felt challenged to find an office clerk job because a significant amount of time has passed since my last office job and I did not have office work experience in Canada. Regardless of the challenges, PPP helped me in my search for a job and successfully matched me to a general trading company, which opened my eyes to a new experience and vision. I have worked with different temp agencies in the past. The difference with personalized support that gives me a sense of security to focus on my job duties.

Name:S. W.
Location:Calgary, AB
Job Title:Office Administration

It has been three years since I started to work for a Calgary-based company after I was placed by Pan-Pacific Personnel. This Japanese company conducts business not only in the U.S. and Canada but also all over the world. Job duties include accounting administration both in English and Japanese, so I can utilize my office work experience in both countries. Furthermore this job has fulfilled my needs by providing a good work-life balance.
When I registered with PPP, the Calgary economy was already deteriorating and it was particularly tough for foreign workers to score a job due to the government’s amendment of immigration laws. Even though I did not give up on my job hunt, it was difficult to even get interviews.

Despite the fact it was a very tough job market, PPP contacted me to have an interview along with a work reference right after registration. I began to work as a temporary staff for three months then became a full-time staff after a successful completion of the temporary staff contract. In the first year the Calgary office only had one female staff so it was an interesting adjustment to make. Looking back on the challenge of adjusting to a new work environment, it is a great memory.

Miyuki is very friendly and warm so I felt I could approach her for my private concerns as well. After I finished my contract she sometimes sends out follow-up messages to encourage me.
I wish many of you will find job opportunities through Pan-Pacific Personnel and be backed up with their excellent follow-ups and career tips.

Name:S. E.
Location:Calgary, AB
Job Title:Office Administration for Oil and Gas industry

Immediately after I graduated with an Education BA from university in Tokyo in 2015, I moved to Calgary and started to do job hunting. At that time, I focused on occupations that required Japanese language skills or cultural backgrounds. Back then I was anxious about finding the right jobs in Canada. Despite my concerns I got a job offer a few weeks after my registration and interview with PPP. I was both excited and nervous at the same time when I began to work in the energy industry. PPP’s kind follow-ups reassured me to pursue my career goal.

Currently I attend SAIT Polytechnic to obtain mining area management knowledge in order to act as a connection between Tokyo and Canada headquarters. I thank you for this opportunity to work for a Japanese company with dynamic business proposals, working with multi-cultural staff in Canadian work place. After I graduate from SAIT I am hoping to become a land administrator to provide my knowledge and skills in the Canadian energy industry. Thank-you Pan-Pacific Personnel for your great support, follow-ups and warm and personal service.

Immediately after I graduated with an Education BA from university in Tokyo in 2015, I moved to Calgary and started to do job hunting. At that time, I focused on occupations that required Japanese language skills or cultural backgrounds. Back then I was anxious about finding the right jobs in Canada. Despite my concerns I got a job offer a few weeks after my registration and interview with PPP. I was both excited and nervous at the same time when I began to work in the energy industry. PPP’s kind follow-ups reassured me to pursue my career goal.

Currently I attend SAIT Polytechnic to obtain mining area management knowledge in order to act as a connection between Tokyo and Canada headquarters. I thank you for this opportunity to work for a Japanese company with dynamic business proposals, working with multi-cultural staff in Canadian work place. After I graduate from SAIT I am hoping to become a land administrator to provide my knowledge and skills in the Canadian energy industry. Thank-you Pan-Pacific Personnel for your great support, follow-ups and warm and personal service.

Name:A. M.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Logistics Accounting Assistant

I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel in 2012 winter. The staff from Pan-Pacific listened to my voice and helped me set my goal on job searching. With their suggestions, I went to BCIT to upgrade my skills in international trading. During my study period, they stay in touch and notify me once they have suitable positions open. With Pan-Pacific’s recommendation, I got an interview opportunity and luckily was hired as a Logistics Accounting Assistant in a well-known international trading company in March this year. Now, I am very satisfied with my role and current working environment. The staffs are all professional with solid human resource background. They know exactly job seekers’ needs and wants. They always provide the best service to job seeker, possess strong connections with Vancouver Japanese business and keep good relationships with Asian importing/exporting enterprises in Vancouver. If you are looking for a job or thinking of changing your career in Vancouver, I highly recommend Pan-Pacific Personnel! Thanks again to all staff.

Name:D. W.
Location:Richmond, BC
Job Title:Controller

I was starting to find a new job in 2016 Fall. I applied a job posting on Indeed posted by Pan-Pacific. Then I was contacted for telephone interview first. Then I had excel test and face to face interview with Pan-Pacific personnel. At last I had an interview with the employer. I have a very good experience in working with Pan-Pacific to get this job as they gave me a lot useful feedback and advises. I appreciate Pan-Pacific personnel for referring me to this job as well as the follow-ups.

Name:M. T.
Location:Richmond, BC
Job Title:Office Administrator

After graduation from a university in Canada, I worked for a small-scale IT company until my work visa expired. In fact, it was quite challenging to find a new job after I obtained a permanent residency visa as there was a break between the jobs and I didn’t have much work experience in Japan either. While I was taking part-time work, I applied for an administration position at a forwarding company through Pan-Pacific Personnel Inc. Even though the position was also a part-time basis, it gave me practical experience as an administrator which I never had worked before. With periodical follow-ups from Pan-Pacific and kind support from colleagues, I could get used to a new workplace without any hurdles. Currently I work full-time for a different Canadian company with help from this previous work experience as an office administrator, reference from former colleagues and support from PPP about switching jobs. Finding the right job can be a struggle for immigrants with a language barrier. The job given through PPP service led me to a permanent position.

Name:A. B.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Manager, Corporate Administration

My initial experience working with Pan-Pacific Personnel took place when I was looking for a career change after 4 years in administrative function with the same employer and I decided to apply for a position that was advertised through PPP. I was then called in for interviews and tested in areas that were relevant to the job. I later proceeded to the final round of interviews with the employer directly, and I was fortunate to work for a global multi-national company as a Manager of Corporate Administration. PPP takes really good care of you by helping to negotiate your contract terms and follows up constantly to see if you are happy with your new job. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or want to excel in your career I would highly recommend Pan-Pacific Personnel as your trusted agent.

Name:E. D.
Location:Brampton, ON
Job Title:Administrative Support

My experience with Pan Pacific has been very positive. I’m from the Greater Toronto so I haven’t heard of Pan Pacific before because they are based in BC. However, they were recruiting on behalf of a client that was based in the GTA, who is now my employer, Thanks to Pan Pacific. From the initial contact from Pan Pacific to date which is 5 months on the job, my experience with the team has been great. They were there every step of the way to so I didn’t feel alone. The support from start to finish has been overwhelming and surprising. I did not expect to receive such connection from the team, but for that I am extremely grateful. I would recommend Pan Pacific to anyone looking for an agency why cares, provide excellent customer service and support to its family of clients.

Name:S. K.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Office Clerk

I registered with Pan Pacific-Personnel in the fall of 2011. I had work experience in Japan and also graduated from a business school with an export and marketing major in Vancouver. However, it was tough to find new jobs in Vancouver from scratch. When I registered with PPP, I was invited to interviews and got a two-month-contract position through their service. After the contract ended, another contract position was assigned and I finally obtained a full-time employment position a year later. Even though it is not easy to learn new work duties and establish a constructive relationship, my motivation gradually increased in a job which I desired to work for. Now I have developed skills to take responsibilities for a major project and to work collaboratively with my manager and colleagues in an ideal workplace. I truly appreciate Pan-Pacific Personnel for referring me to a position and the follow-ups after the placement.

Name:K. M.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Office Administration / Customer Service

When I registered in May 2016, PPP was putting me forward for several jobs to match with my skillsets. I had work experience here in Canada but there was an interval between my previous job and then, so PPP advised me on how to brush up my skills and work experience to enhance my competitive edge. Thanks to their support, I started to work for the company through PPP. PPP has an attentive 7 times of follow-ups system from a start date, a week, two weeks, 1 month, 2 months and 6 months of services! PPP was always there to help throughout the follow-up process and soon I was promoted to become a full-time employee after 6 months of service. My current manager and colleagues are all so helpful and supportive during busy seasons. I would say it was a perfect match as I was anxious with my time log and no work experience in Canada. Thank you Pan-Pacific Personnel for referring me to the best suited job with a professional demeanour.


Name:T. K.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Marketing

With the support of Pan-Pacific Personnel, I have been able to make two successful career changes in Canada, and career-wise, I’m in an ideal situation. If you are thinking of a career change, I recommend you to register with Pan-Pacific to make the first step forward.

For those who are thinking about living in Canada including myself, finding a good job with a stable company is one of the most important aspects of life. Pan-Pacific has a resource and information on most of the Japanese related companies in the Vancouver area. They always have the most updated information on the job market and the hiring trends in the region.

When Pan-Pacific finds the possible match for you, they will talk in detail with you on the phone and in person. Then they will introduce and recommend you to the prospective employers. Part of the screening process includes on-line testing which can be a great tool to persuade prospective employers. Pan-Pacific continues to communicate with the employer and the candidate until the final offer is made so that there will be no misunderstanding between the parties.

If you are looking for a career change, I believe that you are looking for a company you can trust. Even if you can’t find your dream job right away, I think it is worth waiting patiently for the opportunity. I also think it is important to always update your resume and be prepared.

I wish you the very best for your career change through Pan Pacific Personnel.

Name:S. S.
Location:Calgary, AB
Job Title:Sales Executive

I looked for a job back in December 2018 and applied with my resume on Indeed. Pan-Pacific came across my resume through a job application on Indeed, then had an phone interview with me. The staff was very friendly and she gave me some helpful advice to prepare the in-person interview in my current company. The interview went very smoothly and thank you Pan-Pacific to help me to get the job. I highly recommend everyone to register in Pan-Pacific if you are looking for a job in BC or AB. The staff will fully support you to prepare for the interview if you are qualified and meet the requirements of the position. Once again, I’m glad that I chose Pan-Pacific to be my job agency.

Name:R. H.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Sales Representative

I registered with Pan-Pacific in 2018, and soon I got contacted for job matching inquiry., The job descriptions offered by Pan-Pacific was perfectly matching my previous working experience and my expectation! Afterwards, impressively, Ishizaki-san gave me thoughtful step-by-step follow-up till my joining the company, not only discussing detailed job information and interview backup, but also giving me pinpoint advice for my job transfer. Now as a direct-from-supplier importer, my current job is a wonderful fit for me to share the same passion and goals with my team, on day-to-day basis. I’m extremely thankful that Pan-Pacific Personnel provided with the runway to reach a new platform to extend my ability and enjoy achievement in a great working environment!

Name:J. G.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Sales Representative

After my registration with Pan-Pacific Personnel, I had a meeting with the consultant where we discussed in depth regarding my qualifications as well as my career plan. I am really impressed with this in depth consultation as it helped me to better understand my situation and choices. Based on the understanding from this consultation, I was soon introduced to a company for a sales representative position. It is a perfect match and I am so happy I used your service. Now I am not only having a job, I am also building a career! So thank you very much for the help along the way and without your service I could not possibly be where I am today.

Name:M. M.
Location:Calgary, BC
Job Title:Sales Coordinator

I registered with Pan-Pacific personnel in 2014 Aug. when I was a new immigrant to Canada. Even though I have worked in a Multinational company in Asia over ten years, it was not easy to find a job here as I have no Canadian local experience. Upon completion of registration with PPP, I was contacted for interviews and soon got a permanent full time job in Calgary. It was challenging to get used to the new job and new industry, after one year of service I got good performance review from my boss and got on well with my colleagues. I thank you Pan-Pacific personnel for referring me to this job as well as for your follow-ups. Much appreciated.

Name:L. T.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Graphic Design and Marketing

I had been job searching for quite some time before I sent my resume to Pan-Pacific Personnel. When they contacted me they were extremely friendly and got to know my personality and career goals. Because of this they were able to match me with a company that I am very happy with and aligned with my career path. They also followed up to ensure the fit was right even after the interview. My career path is at an all time high thanks to Pan-Pacific Personnel.

Name:T. H.
Location:Halifax, NS
Job Title:Export Sales

In Spring 2017, I came across an attractive job posting online and soon I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel. At that time, I was working for a Japanese restaurant for 5 years in Western Canada. After applying for the position, it was quite organized to have a skype interview with PPP and face-to-face interview with the company respectively. Next month, I packed up my suitcase and flew into a new opportunity in Eastern Canada. My job duties are to purchase seafood from local suppliers and deliver to Japanese wholesalers. For the first three months of probationary period, I was really nervous in a new workplace at a new city but PPP provided strong support throughout the process by email and phone follow-ups from the other side of the country. Thanks to their constant support, I could successfully complete a probationary period and accepted a permanent full-time employee position. I will try my best to deliver fresher and more delicious seafoods to Japanese customers. Thank you very much, Pan-Pacific Personnel. As a fan of PPP, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend PPP for their services in supporting potential job seekers!


Name:K. H.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Export Documentation Clerk

I first came in contact with Pan-Pacific Personnel upon applying for a business directed position. Coming from a scientific background they recognised my mathematical/analytical skills, and upon achieving high scores on their online computational assessments I was able to land my dream position. They made sure to connect the Employer with the right applicant, recognising the benefits of both parties. The application process ensured screening of the highest potential and continuous follow-ups, post hiring, has but increased the respect of the fine work of Pan Pacific Personnel. In conjunction with the professionalism and caring manners of my new management and colleagues, I am beyond grateful and truly happy!

Name:Y. T.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Logistics Coordinator

I just wanted to say thank you again for all of you help in placing me at my current position. Changing jobs is always stressful especially in Vancouver, but having your experience and support behind me made it an exciting and enjoyable process. I appreciate your professional supports and guidance in the past 5 months. Should I ever be looking for a change in the future you will be the first and only one I turn to. Thank you again and let’s keep in touch.

Name:I. S.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Transportation

Even though I did not have work experience in Japan, Pan-Pacific Personnel put forward me for a few job openings based on my potentials and business knowledge acquired through universities both in Japan and Canada. Luckily, I got a temporary staff position at Japanese trading company, then was able to learn the Japanese way of conducting businesses. After the contract was over, I got another job at a transportation company through PPP. Pan-Pacific Personnel advised me much more information (company culture and interview process) than what the job description can explain at a job hunting stage. On top of that, regular follow-ups helped me focus on my career goals after starting to work at the company. I feel that I have learned so much though the past work experience and I am growing daily by obtaining new certifications and license. Thank you, Pan-Pacific Personnel. I could not have come this far without your help.

Name:J. S.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Distribution Manager

I applied for a manager’s position on-line and was put in touch with Yoko at Pan-pacific personal. She gave me a very thorough overview of the company and position I was applying for. I met with her in person and she continued to elaborate on the company and the type of candidate they were looking for. After our in-person interview she expressed confidence that I was the kind of candidate they were looking for and set up a first interview. Her confidence in me, gave me confidence during the interview process. She also helped me prepare for what was a difficult and demanding final in-person interview with the company in question. Thanks to Yoko’s help I was hired. She kept in contact during the probation period, and was very supportive. I highly recommend pan-pacific personal for anyone seeking a job.


Name:Y. U.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Software localize

People say that active networking is a key channel for landing a great job in Vancouver. How could I find a job if I knew absolutely nobody when I first moved to here?
As soon as I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel, I got a dream job! I have renewed several contracts with this company since 2013. I truly enjoy my work and I think it is because of a combination of full support from PPP’s experienced staff, trust from the clients and my strong desire to succeed.
Work plays an important role as we spend so much time doing it. You can’t be so happy in your personal life if your job is not going well. I highly recommend job seekers in Canada to use the excellent service and on-going support of Pan Pacific Personnel.

Name:T. P.
Location:Delta, BC
Job Title:Infrastructure Service Support Analyst

After I struggle for job hunting for few months, I got a job offer upon I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel November 2016. I taught Japanese at National Taiwan University for 12 years in Taipei, and worked in global financing system for another 11 years in Calgary Alberta. As my stable working attitude, matured working experiences, I still have the difficulty to get a job by my expertise in Vancouver BC. I have been moved around different projects few times in 5 months due to company’s situation changes. Last month I have eventually accomplished the probation. The new project is compatible and attractive. Most importantly that I feel comfortable to work with colleagues are very friendly and welcoming. I am glad I registered with Pan-Pacific Personnel, I have a talent agent Yoko Cooper helped me lots for entire job interview process and the follow-ups issues. I appreciate her efforts on my career extension history.

Name:L. B.
Location:Vancouver, BC
Job Title:Seafood Production Staff

I applied for a job in Vancouver via Pan Pacific Personnel. I was very impressed with the efficient turnaround time for processing my application. I was informed of the recruitment process, which included an aptitude test and two interviews; all of which took place over a two week period. The staff were very friendly and professional, and guided me through each step. I had a skype interview, given my location at the time but it was great to meet two wonderful staff members who were very professional. I received an offer within a month, and was invited to meet with my new employers several weeks before I started work. Pan Pacific followed up on my new role and assured me they were there to support me if needed. I am thankful to their support and consistent guidance in helping me secure my new role in Vancouver.


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