Our Mission
Our Resources
Our Approach
Our Services

1. Permanent/Contract (fixed-term) Placement Services
2. Temporary Placement Services

Our Mission

Pan-Pacific Personnel is a professional search firm specializing in the placement of bilingual and bicultural individuals. Experts in proactively researching, identifying and recruiting talent for global-minded companies, we are committed to providing the highest quality service to ensure that every placement we make is both effective and efficient.

Our Resources

With a resource base that includes an agency network encompassing Canada, the United States and Japan, Pan-Pacific Personnel can help your business meet the growing demands of competing successfully in both local and international markets.

Our extensive applicant database gives you access to candidates from a broad range of relevant professional and cultural backgrounds. All of our candidates are bilingual, bicultural and extensively tested to ensure they meet our stringent requirements.

Our Approach

We have adopted a proactive approach to sourcing qualified personnel, for both temporary and permanent positions. As a result, we can quickly and efficiently identify, contact, screen and facilitate the employment of qualified applicants with professionalism, confidentiality and tact.

Because your priority is to economize your time, we will first help you clarify your needs. We will then respond promptly and accurately to secure suitable candidates.

Our Services

1. Permanent/Contract (fixed-term) Placement Services

Pan-Pacific will help find the right talent for a permanent or contract (fixed-term) position in your company from our pool of registered candidates or through the recruitment of new candidates through an extensive screening and interview process.

  • Screening Process
  • Prior to sending the top candidates to the client for a final interview, Pan-Pacific will carefully assess each individual’s skills, knowledge and ability to apply their skills in an actual working environment. This extensive pre-employment screening includes, but is not limited to

    • Oral and written language skill tests
    • A computer application test
    • A composition skills test
    • Skills interviews
    • A background check

  • Guarantee
  • Pan-Pacific guarantees each placement. Pan-Pacific will find the ideal match, or replace the candidate at no extra charge during the guarantee period.

2. Temporary Placement Services

Pan-Pacific hires temporary employees, as its own employees, and dispatches them to perform a particular job for a client for a specified period. As Pan-Pacific maintains the employer-employee relationship with temporary staff, we assume all of the financial and legal responsibilities of an employer, as required by law. The client simply enters into a service agreement with Pan-Pacific for the services provided by Pan-Pacific’s temporary staff.

  • Merits of Temporary Staffing Solutions
  • Costs associated with recruitment, hiring, turnover and absenteeism constitute one of the biggest expenses for most companies. Temporary staffing can not only reduce these costs and associated risks, but optimise your human resources as well. Merits of temporary staffing solutions include

    • No lengthy recruitment process
    • No recruiting and hiring costs
    • No tax burden
    • No WCB and employment insurance burden
    • Easy termination of employment
    • Possibility of trying out a future permanent employee (see below, “Temporary Staffing to Permanent Employment”)
  • Replacements
  • If a client advises Pan-Pacific that the performance of a temporary staff member is unsatisfactory, Pan-Pacific will provide a replacement.

  • Temporary Staffing to Permanent Employment
  • A client might wish to use our temporary staffing service to find an ideal candidate for a future permanent position. Or, a client may discover, during the temporary staffing period, that one of Pan-Pacific’s temporary staff members is worth hiring as a permanent employee. In this case, the client may enter into a permanent placement agreement with Pan-Pacific.

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